My weekly confession

I really do look forward to this all week. Maybe this is why my Bishop is always so darned busy! haha

I confess that it's after 4 in the morning and here I sit! The Pregnancy lack of sleep has begun. Jen isn't a very happy Jen without sleep. I'm only 14 weeks! What the... I don't remember this being an issue until much later with my first.

I confess that I should have had more faith in Abby. We (when I say we I mean Mike. I watched while eating chocolate.) transitioned her crib into a toddler bed with rails this week. I expected lots of long evenings spent ushering her back to bed, but she has done SO well! Naps aren't happening, but that actually helps get her in bed earlier, so it's ok.

I confess that I've been a total slob lately. My husband has been home a lot this week and I've felt achy and tired. He has done laundry, dishes, picked up, wrangled Abby AND grocery shopped. He's amazing. I fell bad because I know I've milked it to an extent, but it's been soo nice to get a break. It's tough on me when he's gone.

I confess that I can NOT stand Jennifer Nettles.She absolutely drives me nuts. I love Kristian, but Jennifer kills my nerves. What famous person do YOU hate???

I confess that Mike & I are completely addicted to Dexter. It's a drama on Showtime if you aren't familiar. We got hooked years ago when NBC aired the cleaned up version of the first season. Then they never did anymore so we rented the 2nd season. Man! Were we shocked! Holy sex, nudity and language! Yes, we fast forwarded through what we could but still felt so bad about the language. Well, we just finished season 4. I feel so bad for bringing that influence into our home, but we just cant. stop. watching!!

I guess I should try and sleep now. Everyone, please, go link up and confess! Make me feel not so bad!



  1. i am pretty sure you are going to hell for liking Dexter soooo See. You. There.

    i love that show, love it!

    sorry you are feeling so icky...cooking a baby is hard work...but the end result is worth it, no?

  2. I love confession too. Isn't it fun. Well hope you get feeling better. Each pregnancy is different. Hopefully the "icky" won't last to long.

    Never watched that show but I have one too. Desperate Housewives. LOVE IT! Why that show speaks to me I have no idea but taking it way would be like taking my chocolate.. And no one in my family is that crazy!

  3. I confess that I've let my husband pick up a good deal of the household slack this week too. Glad your girl is doing so well with her new big girl bed. Hope you have a great weekend and get some rest.

  4. I would NEVER have pegged you OR Mamarazzi as Dexter lovers. WEIRD! I have it on my instant queue for Netflix but haven't watched it yet.
    Also, what celeb do I NOT hate? I dunno.

  5. We LOVE Dexter! We got Showtime just so we could watch season 5 now! And well, baby number 5 will probably be Dexter. So, I'll see you and Mamarazzi in hell! LOL!

    I can't stand any celeb that's has their own show on E! All but Joel McHale! We love Joel. Joel is from Seattle, and that's where we are from.

  6. YAY for an easy transition to toddler bed! If only that meant you could get more sleep at night...sorry! :(
    OH MY GOSH!!! I can't stand Jennifer Nettles either! I absolutely CANNOT watch her dance! Seriously. I don't mind what's his name, but he kind of reminds me of Jackson off of "Gilmore Girls", so he kinda freaks me out when I first see him too.
    I know there are a lot of celebrities I hate, but I can't think of any right now. Give me a minute...

  7. Me, too...a tired Jen is a grumpy Jen (I'm talking about myself.)

    Isn't the Jen name THE BEST NAME IN THE WORLD. Haha.

    Who do I not like......oh, Katherine Heigl. I don't care for her. I only like one of her movies, which was Knocked UP.

  8. Oh man, lack of sleep was so terrible when I was preggo. Unisom is safe and helped me (but don't take it when breastfeeding the baby). I hate not being able to sleep!!!
    Hope you start feeling better soon!