Let the bribing commence

Ok, So, I try not to peddle Scentsy too much on my blog. I discovered recently though that I am relatively close to earning an incentive trip that Scentsy has offered consultants. The incentive period ends January 31st and points earned until then are being doubled!!

It's Disney world! All inclusive. For a week. Fabulous! Mikal and I have never been on a real vacation together and I would LOVE to earn this for our family.

So, here's where the bribing begins....

I'm hosting a special Scentsy party online. Anyone who orders through the party will be entered to win a FULL Size Warmer of their choice! (excludes college, military and Breast cancer warmers) I'll give away one warmer for every $250 in sales the party receives. The more you spend, the more chances you get!! I'll give you one entry for every $5 you spend before tax. That includes shipping! Drawing will be January 30th and will be announced Immediately so you can choose your prize! It's the perfect time to order with only a little more than a week to get the "Bring Back My Bar" scents!!

Just go to WWW.JenniferFivas.scentsy.us and click on "January Online Orders" under open parties. You MUST order through this party to qualify!

I'll give you an extra entry just for "Liking" our Scentsy Facebook page! (upper right hand side bar)

This is in addition to the deals I always offer my customers... Free Scent circle with any $25 purchase. Free Bar with $50 purchase. Spend $75 or more and receive a free Scent circle & Free bar!! If your order qualifies for one of these deals, please email me your scent choice so I can get your gift in the mail!

Haven't jumped on the Scentsy bandwagon yet? You will be sooo glad you did!!! Scentsy removes the risk of fire that traditional flame candles pose. No more soot on your walls (or in your lungs! yikes!), smoky, hot jars. It's all replaced by a beautiful ceramic warmer that heats cubes of highly scented wax with a low watt light bulb. A must for homes with Children, allergy and asthma sufferers. Any questions... please feel free to ask!

Thank you for reading. Please don't blacklist me for begging! I don't usually do it, I promise!!

**Edited to add: If you'd like a scent sample of any of the BBMB's, let me know and I'll mail them out this weekend!!

*** Edited again to add: My dear friend, Mamarazzi went out of her way to share my bribery on her blog...and is even offering a prize of her own to anyone who orders through Us! Isn't she amazing? Don't know her? You should! Stop by her fabulous blog, become a follower and I'll give you a bonus entry with your order! Be sure to tell me you're following. :)


  1. Now I've got to go practice my seductive yet sad puppy dog eyes for when Roon gets home. Wish me luck!

  2. I LOVE Scentsy. I will see what I can do, if I can get any this month. I want you to go to Disney World!! :)

  3. I am sitting here looking over scents, debating whether to buy some right now. lol. Any idea how much shipping is? I'd be doing like the 6-pack of scents if I order (cause you guys neeeeed to go to Disney!)

  4. i have heard about Scentsy but i have never seen it in real life so i could fall in love with it too. i will go and look at what you have for sale and see what i can do to help you. i want you to win the trip...you guys deserve a family vacation...or a babymoon.

  5. ok doll...i have NO idea where to even start. i have asked for help from my facebook and blog friends and linked you up over on both places.

    is the Prima Cotton like a fresh linen kind of scent?

  6. ok i made my order...and i know a few other people made one too!

    Order ID: 22888139

  7. I can't find the Spiced Orange Harvest one on the website... is it there? If so I'll take a three pack of them...