I confess

It's been too long! I need a good purge.

I confess... I didn't get Abby and I up, showered and dressed til 2 today. I've had several days like that over the past month. I convince my poor child that it's fun to snuggle in my bed with chocolate milk and goldfish, watching Nick Jr while Mom snoozes through morning sickness. I fear she's beginning to catch on.

I confess... Lately I feel like I don't fit in anywhere. I want to move to a new area, new ward, new people. I tell myself I don't care, but I do. Why can't things be easy?

I confess... I'm beyond happy about this pregnancy; even with the sickness, lol. I find myself sad though when I think of this being the end of my alone time with Abby. Then I feel guilty and hope the baby can't feel that. Please, someone tell me I'm not alone, or crazy!

I confess... Today is the 2nd day I've been snowed in and I'm going to go nuts!! I want a happy hour fountain drink from Sonic SOOO bad!!! LOL And my poor Shih Tzu. He's losing his mind trying to find grass to poop in. Poor baby.

I gotta go wrangle my 2 year old down from the tv stand. She's turned into a major monkey lately. I never know where I'll find her. Fun!

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  1. Awww, girl, I know what you mean by being a sort of loner...like just wanting to be with my husband and kids all the time.
    I have GNO, like....well, I don't even know. Once in every 3 months or so?? Mostly my friend and I get together with our kids cuz they're friends too.
    And, the snoozing while Abby watches TV and eating Goldfish? I think she probably loves that. And whatever gets you through the day with the sickness, I would never judge! I was horribly sick with my first and had to go to work. UGH.
    What else...? Um. Oh, Okay, yeah, about the negative thoughts with the baby...see, I had something HORRIBLE happen towards the last 10 weeks with my second baby...and I had horrible thoughts about "maybe I wish I wasn't even pregnant right now" sort of thoughts. Even though I was beyond happy to be having another baby, there was just something going on that was bad. And I prayed every day that my few thoughts that went like that didn't affect the baby. I was so afraid he could hear me. :( BTW, when do you find out boy or girl?

  2. Don't worry--When the baby is born and you see the relationship that Abby develops with her new sibling, whatever guilt you thought you'd have will totally disappear :) She's going to LOVE having a brother or sister! (and if she doesn't, don't worry. Jaedin *HATED* Jenacy when she was born. Now they're best friends!)

    I wouldn't worry about the baby feeling your emotions either. I *REALLY* worried about that when I was pregnant with Wesley. I was having all sorts of conflicting emotions--being pregnant rehashed all the emotions of losing Sariah, then all the stress of moving out of state while pregnant, then the car crash that totally took me out and made me miserable for like 6 weeks. This was NOT a good pregnancy as far as stress goes!!! And Wesley turned out perfect--totally happy, calm, and absolutely opposite of what I was when pregnant haha! Your baby will turn out perfect too :)