12 Days of Christmas Swap

Remember back in November when I told you about Sami over at Symmetry in motion & her swap? I am SO glad I did it! Sure the gifts were fun, but best of All, I made a new bloggy friend!

I totally lucked out and got paired with Mimi! I LOVE this chick! I think she is hilarious. Seriously, go read her stuff. She is so real. It's refreshing! This post made me uber jealous. Not to mention, She's Awesomely talented , totally sweet and thoughtful... even if she says otherwise. ;)

So, we had some issues with the almighty USPS. I think Mimi just might hold a grudge. Not that I blame her. She sent my pkg off on time, where as, I sent mine 3 days late. Mine got to her on the 11th and hers arrived (after we harrassed them) on the 17th. Seriously. It sat in Federal Way, WA for over a WEEK!! Not even on the way!

Worked in my favor though, cuz I got to open 5 gifts all at once! Score! I'm so not good at waiting. I took pictures of each gift individually, but I do believe my daughter deleted them. You should see the lovely shots of her nostrils I have instead. :/ But here's a big shot of all my amazing gifts!

Day #1 was a cute little silver ornament for my tree in which she went to the trouble of printing and placing a photo of Abby.

Day #2 was an adorable scarf and gloves set. Which I needed because just like every year, I can't find the gloves I bought last year.

Day #3 was adorable note paper and clothes pins. My mom stole the paper while she was here, it was that cute! (it's ok, I steal from her too. Plus, she bought me some Hope in a jar... instant forgiveness!)

Day #4 was a super cute mug with my favorite hot cocoa pkts and candy canes. I finally felt well enough to drink one tonight. Mmmmmmm!

Day #5 Is a gorgeous, long, silver necklace with little hearts and crystals on it. I love it!

Day #6 was a bag of fig scented body spray, candles, body cream and lotion. It smells a lot like Scentsy's French Kiss-which is one of my favorites!

This is where I strayed from the #'s. I'm sorry, Mimi.

Next I opened a box of treats. See the ruffles, dip, Crystal light (my fave flavor) and chocolate bar? Yeah. the chips are a replacement for picture sake and the chocolate is an empty box. Her note said she tried to think of pregnant cravings. Oh, how I needed it that day!

Day # 8 was for Abby! She got the cute little scented monkey and a puzzle of barnyard animals which is not pictured because she won't let anyone touch it. I'm so not kidding. LOVES. IT.

Then I opened the adorable tin of cookie mix because it had ripped in shipping and I was curious. Havent used it yet, but it's adorable on my counter!

The last 3, I admit, got opened on day #10 because my mom arrived and I knew things were going to get crazy. Plus, let's face it, I couldn't help myself! I got the adorable potholder and towel set, a fleece blanket to cuddle up with, AND!! The grand finale was that gorgeous crotched baby blanket!!

I loved it all!! Mimi, thank you sooo much!!! I'm truly glad that we "met" and I look forward to many more crazy email convo's. Who else wants to hear my preggo woes? LOL


  1. I'm so glad you liked it all!!! I'm also especially glad that Abby loves her puzzle so much. That's awesome!
    Also, it's totally fine, you didn't have to open them in any order, I'm anal so I numbered em. By the time you got that box I wanted you to just open up every single thing!
    I knew that lotion smelled like something from Scentsy but I couldn't figure it out...but you're right! You Scentsy guru!! :)
    I can't wait to hear more about pregnancy woes! LOL!!

  2. I loved this swap. It is so much fun seeing what everyone recieved. I has helped me find other blogs including yours to follow. Happy New Year.

  3. What a fun swap! Mimi is great & you sent her a really awesome box-o-swappy-goodness. Congrats on the wee one in the belly. May you have a healthy, happy, joyous pregnancy!:)

  4. what a super RAD package!! soooo stinking cool! i HEART MiMi.