Playing catch-up

What a week it's been. We had a wonderful Thanksgiving at home together. And then the craziness started. We ALL got sinus/cold/head crud. Lovely. I still had a whole list of things to do though, so we doped up and pressed on!

Mike needed things to start work this week. Since he'll be on the road, we needed duplicate toilitries, a new (smaller) suitcase, things to keep him busy so he doesn't miss us terribly.

We had to get a tree. I wanted to re-arrange 1st; which entailed cleaning and purging. Mikal loves when I purge. lol

That led to trips to Goodwill, used bookstore (!), dumpster and shelter.

Mike loves me.

We found a gorgeous tree, get home, get it up, 0 out of 11 strands of lights work. BACK to the store. Get lights on, call it good for the night, dope up and go to bed.

All wake up Sunday looking/feeling like Death. Missed church. Even Abby slept ALL day. It sucked.

Monday entailed all kinds of pleasentries... rain, DMV, Dr. visit, post office, you get the idea.

He REALLY loves me.

Today was just getting him packed, more rain, Abby missed MDO and bawled, everyone still crud-y.

I honestly don't know why I just shared that sympathy? perhaps. Also as a lame excuse as to why I've been MIA. Sorry for the lack of response to your email and comments. I'll get there.

I expected a problem out of Abby tonight since she's such a Daddy's girl and used to him being home. She was an angel! We had such a great time together. I love that sweet lil girl so dang much! I even let her stay up way late cuz I just wanted to enjoy our time a lil longer. :)

My tree is still ornament bare. :/ Ah well! It'll get done eventually.


  1. Ug. That stinks that y'all got hit with sickness! Hope you are feeling better!!!

  2. I hope you are all feeling better soon!

  3. are you still feeling yucky?! get back to blogging i miss your bloggy goodness!