Wee bit of me

Here are this weeks questions...

{one} what kind of camera do you have?
A Canon. It was great 3 years ago but with all the cool features out now, I REALLY want a new one!

{two} you just won $1000 and you have to spend it on yourself on one item. what do you buy?
That's tough. I want clothes, but it's ONE item... I'd love an Ipad!

{three} if you had to choose, would you rather live with your parents in the same house forever or 5000 miles away?
I don't like those choices.

{four} is your christmas tree up yet?
Not yet. On the list this weekend.

{five} do you bring reusable bags to the grocery store?
Yes. They even get out of the car once in a while!

{six} which would be worse: listening to the same song on replay for the rest of your life or having to eat the same meal everyday for the rest of your life?
Song. I love food too much to only eat one thing!

{seven} name 3 things you are thankful for this season.
See post below. ♥

{eight} do you dye/highlight your hair? if so, do you do it yourself or have it done at the salon?
No. Too expensive to keep up. :/

{nine} would you rather watch a movie at home or at the theater?
Theater unless in a comfy snuggle kinda mood.

{ten} would you rather win $1000/week for life or $5 million all at once?
$5 Mil. I want a house and a 2nd car!! I'd invest the rest.


  1. I'd take the $5 Mil all at once also. There are so many things I could do w/ it. Pay for the kids college (that I KNOW they will attend or else). Buy a different home. Not that I'm not thankful for the one I have, it's just not my dream home. I could go on and on w/ this list. :)

  2. I'm laughing at the "I don't like those choices" with the question about living with your parents or 5000 miles away! :) I don't like those choices either and I'd plead the 5th cuz my parents read my blog!

  3. I'd have to use the "i don't like those choices" for #6! :)