Travel blog recommends Scentsy for traveling!

I was in kind of a ho hum mood today. Didnt really sleep well. I was cruising facebook and saw this story and it just made me happy!

I mean, sure I hope it boosts MY sales, but I love seeing this fabulous company get so much good press!! I'm sooo glad we chose to become Scentsy Consultants last February! I'm constantly impressed by the generosity and good ethics practiced by this company. It's also great to be paid so well to sell a product I believe in and feel good about, while staying home with our daughter. Best decision EVER! If you need to earn extra income, let me help you start YOUR own business! Join my team... even if you're states away!

If you haven't tried Scentsy yet and you love candles, stop throwing money away and give Scentsy a try! I'd love to help you get started!! Taking flames out of houses one Scentsy warmer at a time! Visit Our Site!


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