My Happy list...

What a week, what a week. It was long, but short at the same time. Odd. Let's just say, it's good to do a Happy list because it helps you realize the good that you may have forgotten about. ;)

My #1 Happy thing is the relationship between my daughter and I. ♥ She is such a Daddy's girl that sometimes I feel left behind. ;) It's so cute watching her follow him around with adoration, but I birthed her for heck's sake!! Anyways, over the last week or so, she has been all about Momma. I LOVE it! Mike took her on a Daddy daughter date last night during a Scentsy thing I had to do. When they walked in the door afterwards, she caught my eye and, like she had just arrived at Disneyland, screamed, "MOMMA!!! Momma!!". She came running to me at full speed, with both arms out for a huge hug. Oh, my heart! She has just been full of love. She randomly comes up and hugs me, lays on me, etc. I'm EATING IT UP!Mike got a new job this week that makes me both happy and sad. I'm so so so grateful that he got a job so quickly after being laid off in this economy, however, he'll be gone for 4-5 days a week. I know it's going to be so hard to be apart; especially at this time of year. It's better salary than we've ever had though, so it's a blessing. I just know that Abby and I are going to miss him SO much!

Not being sick anymore makes me happy. Sun-Wednesday this week were ROUGH. I'm so grateful that ended!

These lounge sweat pants from old navy make me so happy it's embarrasing. Seriously. I LOVE them. When we go out, Mikal laughs at me because THE MINUTE we get home, I go change back into a pr of these. SO comfortable it should be a crime. I couldnt live without them!

I have a Happy list item that I want to list SO BAD but it's a secret until Christmas. It's going to be SOOO hard for me to keep my mouth shut. I better end this before I blurt it out. ;D

Have a great week! Link up and be happy too!


  1. I so need those Old Navy Pants!!!

  2. Ohhh I can't wait to see what the secret happy list item is!!! I need new lounge pants and those def look comfy. hmmm, perhaps I should put those on my Black Friday shopping list! ha

  3. oooo those do look comfy!!!

    Yay for Abby being a momma girl! That's so nice! My kids all like Dad better too. Except Wesley, he loves everyone.

  4. I was sick most of last week too, it is so good to be feeling better. Glad that you're well in time for the holiday.

    Those lounge pants are cute. I may have to ask Santa for a couple pairs.