Friday confessions

Do you ever feed your kids something and secretly hope they don't finish it so you can? I truly hope it's not just me.

I was feeding Abby lunch today and it was this amazing macaroni & cheese that we get from a resturant here in the south called Jim n Nicks. Everything there is awesome, but their Mac the cheese, as they call it, is a masterpiece. So gooey and cheesy, flavored just right. Oh my.

It was hers. I had no rights to it at all, but as I gave it to her I kept thinking... "maybe she'll be picky today too and I'll have to finish it. I mean, it can't go to waste, now can it?"

She ate every bite. I don't blame her. It's THAT good!

I'm supposed to be deep cleaning. I woke up today and realized that I'm having people over tomorrow night and my house is way below my standard of clean.

The problem is that once I start, I go deeper and deeper. Plus, I'll be working on one room, take some things to another room and forget to go back to room #1. I've done that so much today that I have messes in 4 rooms that need to be finished and am looking at hours of work tonight to get finished.

Where is my fairy godmother when I need her?

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  1. I have done that with my kids. I have even gotten them more food than I knew they'd eat, just so I would have to sacrifice and eat it. HAHAHAHA

  2. i am the SAME way when it comes to cleaning. i just organized 3 closets. it is almost 3 am. instead of going to bed i am taking advantage of a quiet and CLEAN house to catch up on email and blogging!!

    i can also relate to the whole "food" thing with kids. LOL

  3. haha, I always wait till the kids go to bed to eat ice cream so that I don't have to share it! :)