My Happy list...

Love this!

First... Moments such as these:

I'm so grateful that I can stop and remember that she's two and these moments are all too fleeting. As much of a pain as this was to clean up, it was well worth her smiles, giggles and this snapshot! She drives me nuts lately, but I want to cry at the same time because I cant slow time down. I just want to keep her little.

Next, My Auburn tigers going 9-0!!! I think the BCS poll is full of crap for giving our #1 spot to Oregon, but that's fine for now, takes the target off our back! We'll be #1 in the end!!! WAR EAGLE!!!

I got a huge bag or assorted baby potatoes for .79/lb!! Made my day. I love these things and they're uisually well over $3/lb. :D

Oh, Ben & Jerry... My hips hate you.

I also need to say how thankful I am for the gospel of Jesus Christ and how grateful am to me a member of the LDS church. I think those of us who have grown up in the church take it for granted sometimes. This week I've been reminded what a blessing it is to have the truth. I'm so grateful for this and all other blessings my
Heavenly father has given me. :)

Link up and count YOUR blessings!


  1. Great Happy List! Sorry about Oregon... I'd rather see them lose or at least get knocked off the pedistal they insist on putting themselved on (I'm from Oregon, but in my house we are Beaver fans, whcih of course is great for you because we hardly ever pose a threat to anyone ha ha ha.
    Your little lady is an absolute doll. Love her in the bandana & fake freckles :)

  2. Is that baby powder? lol! I love that mischievous smile!!!

  3. Myya- Thank you! Both for you compliment of my daughter and your feelings on Oregon! LOL

    Timber-Yes, it's baby powder! An entire bottle!

  4. mmmm pumpkin cheesecake. and your daughter is darling!! thanks for linking up...come play every weekend, this is a fab list(and beautiful testimony)!!

  5. Baby potatoes make me happy...I must see if I can catch them on sale.