Happy Halloween :)

What a busy weekend it's been. I'm so taking Monday off! It's been fun though!

Yesterday I crammed all of my end of the month Scentsy stuff into the morning hours so that we could have the evening free. We went to a totally fun Halloween party at our friend's Michael & Angel's. We had a great time, ate yummy food, met cool people and Abby ate her weight in Junk.

Today we missed church because Mikal woke up with a horrible Migraine and I had a toothache from Hades. Holy freak! Not a great morning. After breaking the sabbath for some ambesol and excedrine, our afternoon perked up. We had the missionaries over for dinner and I swear, if they had gone on anymore about my lasagna, my head would be the size of texas. Sweet boys!! I needed that! I even sent the leftovers home with them... much to my hubby's disappointment. ;)

So, once they left, we dressed our lil cowgirl up. She loved having blush and "lip liner freckles" put on her cute lil face!

We took her to several friends houses and after that she was so into it she needed no prompting at all. Funny thing though... I don't know if it was because we told her she was a cowgirl or what, but at every house she said, "Tanks! Buh Byye, Cows!!!". It was sooo funny!!

One house gave out popsicles. Isn't that odd? I mean, it's cold outside, you're going house to house... it was so messy and odd! She enjoyed it though...

Then we came home and cuddled on the couch watching Hocus Pocus. ♥ Pretty great night!!


  1. Thanks for linking up. Miss Abigail is only the cutest little cowgirl EVER! (Love those boots)
    Popsicles? On Halloween? Weird. At least she enjoyed it :) Some of our neighbors gave out hot chocolate, and it was different but awesome.

  2. Okay, that is definitely weird. But it looks like she enjoyed her popsicle.