*I love fall!
*Like, REALLY love fall
*I'm sure it started when I was little and was excited for my birthday (Oct 8) but over the years it grew into everything... Leaves, cool weather, football, pumpkins, cider, hay rides. Ahh I love it all!
*I've heard so many people complaining lately that summer is over and fall just brings winter and staying indoors. I'm totally the opposite! I turn into a hermit when it's hot outside. I live in the south, it's humid, it makes me feel gross. Ugh no thanks!
*Now, cold on the other hand... I'm all for it! Bundle me up, lets make a day of it! My poor daughter didnt go outside nearly enough this summer. I will totally make up for it now!
*We went outside today and spent over an hour throwing leaves and collecting acorns. I had a blast with her and pray that one day she decides that made up for summers in the nice, cool air conditioning.

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