I confess...

I'm exhausted
Like, seriously, takes great effort to get up and pee, exhausted
I guess almost 4000 miles of roadtrips, in 2 weeks, with a 2 yr old
will do that to ya.
I feel so guilty about the amount of tv Abby has watched since Monday
I'm not that kind of mom
Usually, we read and play and sing abc's...
this week I have allowed Elmo, Big bird and Stuart Little teach my child
I haven't yet resorted to junk food though
I'm proud of that
at least my couch potato is eating healthy foods
that makes up for my lack of attention, right?
Next week will be better.
Since I'm aiming high...
Maybe my husband will stop leaving his stuff everywhere too
I got up today to find a salt shaker...
on. the. couch.
Are we Kentucky mountain people now?
You can't walk to the kitchen to season food?


  1. Okay the salt shaker made me laugh. That is just so random. And yes, you are completely justified to be tired after all of that travel. And welcome to the, let the TV babysit the kids club, it is a huge organization.

  2. Hahaha...love the salt shaker part. I put limits on it, but we just couldn't live without TV at our house. No guilt, right?

  3. Oooh, congrats on not going to junk food, that is usually my first go-to. Aaah, kids. I remember back with one and I would play with her all the time...now I pray they will watch a little TV so I can at least get a shower in :)

  4. If only Aunt Jackie didn't have to work...I would love to keep her! Especially with her cowboy boots on and pj's. We could go to town with that.

  5. EVERY parent relies on the TV at some point or another. Don't worry about it! When we were moving I didn't do homeschool for a few weeks and the TV babysat them pretty much all the time :P Then they went through TV withdrawals when we got here and TV was severely limited & school started again! :)

  6. I'm following you from Fancy Meeting You Monday!
    Will you follow me?

  7. A salt shaker on the couch? I'm just gonna confess here and say that I was so tired when I went to bed last night I left an empty Pepsi can and a half-eaten box of Chocolate Whoppers on the couch. I can excuse this type of behavior with the justification that I'm the one who eventually has to clean it up anyway. ;)