Lovey dovey confessions

So, I've been out of town for like... ever. I know this one's like, 2 weeks late but I couldn't resist an assigned topic! This week, Glamazon asked the following questions...

1)How did you and your true love meet? We met chatting on AOL. Remember when that was big? Is AOL even still around? Anyway, he had just moved into a new apartment and his new roommate had AOL. Mike was bored and started looking at who was online. He saw that I was LDS and from the south (He always wanted to be! lol) and we started chatting. The odd thing is... I NEVER chatted and that was the last night they had AOL; they switched to DSL the next day. We chatted for like 5 hours that night, talked on the phone the next day, met the next night, engaged in 2 months and married in six. :)

2)What is your favorite physical feature about your beloved? Um... He's hot! I guess I'd say his legs though.... He has amazing legs that I hope our children get.

3)What is your favorite personality feature about your lover? He is kind and loving to EVERYONE. Sometimes to his detriment even.

4)When did you have your first kiss? The night we finally met in person. I could tell that he wanted to but kept backing off. Then he very sweetly asked if he could... it was sweet!

5)What do they do that gets on your last nerve? He saves all kinds of crap because, "One day we might use it". I can NOT stand it!! Our garage is crammed full!

6)When did you know they were 'the one'? Pretty much the night we met. ♥

7)What sets them apart from other guys/girls you had dated in the past? He not only accepted me for me, but he looked right past the Cerebral Palsy. It was like it wasnt even there. I had been promised in preisthood blessings, a mate who would see ME and not the earthly handicaps. I found it.

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  1. This is so cute Jen! I didn't know that is how y'all met! That's so sweet :D