I just realized that I updated my Facebook page, but not the Blog. I just wanted to thank those who ordered last month. I understand that January is a tough month to spend money with Christmas just happening, so I appreciate your support even more!

The winner of the warmer was Carol, a lady who I met at the Dr's office and was chatting with about putting lavender in Abby's Scentsy to help her sleep. I'm so excited for her!!! Those of you who ordered $25+ will be getting your gifts in the mail within a week!

We didn't win the trip. :( It's ok though because I gave it my best effort! Sometimes I think we're prompted to work for things when we don't really understand why. I had no idea My hubby would lose his job, I just wanted a trip, but now that commission will come in really handy! If I hadn't cared about the trip, I really wouldn't have worked as hard last month. Hidden Blessings!

Thank you again, Mamarazzi, for the shout out!

Everything is 10% off this month, so if anyone needs/wants anything, now's the time!! JenniferFivas.scentsy.us


  1. yay for Carol. boo for me. looks like i will need to buy a scentsy warmer for all of the the bricks i bought...lol.

    next month.

  2. Sorry you didn't win, but like you said...blessings in disguise.
    Congrats to the winner!