It's 2 am here and I have to be up at 7. Why am I up? Because I wanted a turkey Ruben so bad I had to get up and make one. It. Was. Awesome.

The fact that I'm no longer sick and am craving such "manly" foods have me thinking that the baby is a boy. I mean, come on! A Ruben?! At 2 AM??

When we found out we were expecting I honestly didn't care if we had a boy or a girl. I was just happy to have another child. As the weeks have gone by though, we both are wanting another girl so much that I'm going to feel soo guilty if it's a boy! I really will be thrilled either way, but I REALLY hope it's a girl! ;)

Last weekend we drove down to Bama to visit my Dad and step-mom. On the way this moron cut us off on the interstate causing Mike to swerve and narrowly miss going into the ditch that was a median. It shook us both and made Mike scream, "Get your head out of your butt, Moron!". Just as I'm thinking how well he did not to swear, our 2 year old yells from the backseat, "Geet hed of BUTT!!!". We both whip around and she grins ever so proudly. Now, yes I know, it's wrong but I swear to you, it is the funniest, cutest thing I've ever heard. And I may or may not have asked her to repeat it for a few family members. Thankfully, she has forgotten it and we've discussed how much more careful we need to be in front of her, but dang she's a hoot!

I confess that I went couponing this week at Publix and had a stack of like 5 expired coupons that I kept separate from the others, deciding whether or not to go for it. Publix is pretty strict... especially when you're couponing and getting free items so I was super hesitant but I wanted my freakin free Chex Mix! So, finally, I got my 5 bags and went up front. I saw a sweet-looking older lady who's line was short and thought, "yay!". As I head to her line though, this other checker hops on a register and says sh can help me. Urgh!! She's scanning away and I'm talking up a storm, being as sweet as can be, praying she doesn't yell or embarrass me. Ha!! She didn't say a word!! I was so ridiculously excited. Seriously, It's like I robbed a bank.

Lame, I know.

They were only expired by 1 day, too.

Yep, that's how exciting my life is. Laugh all you want... I'm going to eat my chex mix.



  1. oh you are a serious badass...i mean those coupons were EXPIRED!! i love that you feel like you robbed a bank...you kill me!

    great confessions...thanks for linking up!!

  2. So glad you are all ok! I hate morons! I had the same thing happen when my KC was little but I said much worse and so did she.. It really was funny the first time. Not so much afterwards though.. THEY are always listening!

    I have done that with the coupons but I always chicken out! I just don't want to be yelled at and sent to jail! Ok maybe not jail but it sure would feel like it!

    Great confession.. Have a wonderful weekend.

  3. WOOT WOOT for FREE Chex Mix! :) I bet it tasted really good, huh?! I just need to remember to take my coupons with me! I snip and clip them and the forget them. So frustrating!

    Glad y'all are ok. People need to learn how to drive. That's hilarious about your little girl...they do learn so quickly. Seems like the things they pick up on the fastest are the things we would rather them not!

    I don't know...Reubens at 2am...sounds a little "boyish" to me. Time will tell! :)

  4. I have two boys and I often had cheeseburger cravings at random times. Like, but meaty juicy ones. Oh, yum.

  5. I admire you for couponing. I can never get it together to make coupons work for me. I forget I have them, or just let them sit until they are way expired--like by weeks.

  6. It's just wrong to take advantage of Publix like that =) but for one day, I probably would have tried it too.

  7. That moron was probably texting! That crap is going to kill people.
    Glad you survived.

    Mmmmm...chex mix sounds yummy right now...

  8. Glad you're safe from that "moron". Stupid drivers!

    You're brave with the couponing! I would've thrown them away because I'm too chicken to do that! Maybe I'll get up the gumption to try it this week??!!

  9. How 'bout this? We don't have a Publix.
    Don't even know about them. Haha!
    And, yeah, so I totally think it's cute when a little kid says something naughty.
    My 3 year old said "sh*t" and I about busted a gut. After telling him it wasn't okay to say that of course.
    I didn't even ask him where he heard it cuz I freakin' know.

  10. It's so hard to laugh when they're at such a cute age but try and visualize your 9 year old little darling saying something like like...yeah not so cute, trust me I know!

    Can you teach me how to coupon? Please!

  11. I craved Steak when I was pregnant with my twin girls!I think I just needed the protein.
    I do the thing with the coupons too, If I get caught I just play dumb, "What? Oh God! I am SUCH a dofus. So sorry." :)

  12. I'm guilty of the coupon thing, but I worked as a cashier for years. They get sent in at the end of the week anyway, who cares? Enjoy your free Chex mix

  13. There's nothing wrong with FREE!!! My husband always tells me I'm a dork for throwing away expired coupons. I may try it! "get head of butt" is a keeper. My lson was about her age when Old School came out and we made him do "earmuffs" over and over again. God gave us kids for entertainment before they can cause us any trouble :)

  14. I can't help but laugh when our kids repeat something that is bad. I know, I'm a terrible mom, but it's too funny sometimes!

  15. I'd rob a bank for some chex mix right now! Oh wait, that's not what you said???
    I was laughing at this since I'm friends with you on FB, and I already know that you are having a boy! Congratulations again, btw. Guess you know now why you wanted that Reuban!