My Happy list...

Linking up to Mamarazzi's Happy list again. I need a good happy list to make up for my confessions yesterday! :D

I'm happy last week is over and behind me. I'm so glad it's sunday and we can rest and re-charge for the week ahead.

The purse that my mom made for me arrived this week. It's so cute! I LOVE it.

She also sent homemade leg warmers for Abby. They are DARLING!! Abby loves wearing them too. Like, a lot. Anywhere we go, to bed, etc. A different pair each time. Here she is at my sister's house with a pair over her pj's. I love that my mom puts such love and time into making/sending things to us. She's awesome!

While we were home for my cousins funeral, we took Abby to my other cousin's farm to see cows. Her daughter shows them in competitions, so they are used to people handling them. Abby loves, Loves, LOVES cows. However, she's never seen any in person so I was expecting her to be afraid at first. I mean, they're huge! She wasn't even phased! She walked right into the stall, happily screeching, "cows!!!!!". It was great. She petted them, talked to them, fed them out of her hand. I Love being able to give her these happy experiences.

And it couldn't be MY happy list with out a little food! haha! My home made, French onion soup with a TON of melty cheese on top and french bread on a rainy day... It's what's for dinner tonight and I can't wait! Thinking we'll eat it on the couch, in sweats and watch Home for the Holidays A family favorite!

Join us aand post your own happy list...


  1. I love the purse and the leg warmers...lucky duck! You must have an awesome Mom.

  2. i cannot believe i am just now getting to this post. forgive me...i have been weeding through email all night long. seriously it is almost 5am and i have not been to bed yet.

    love the happy list, love it!! thanks so much for linking up, it thrills me!!!

    and your little cutie and her boots? ADORABLE!!!