My happy list for the week

This week brought cold weather with it and that made me incredibly happy! I had some truly great afternoon walks with Abby this week. It was cold and sunny, the leaves are still pretty, perfect!! I feel like a better mom. I tend to turn into a hermit in the summer and I feel like I don't let her enjoy the outdoors as much. Now's my time to shine!! Wanna roll in the leaves? Hunt Acorns and pinecones? Just be outside til your nose falls off? I'm the mom for that!

In conjunction with that, I love that even though we live in the city, our complex backs up to a big cow pasture. Abby LOVES cows right now. LOVES. So when I remembered they are there the other day, we took a long walk to see them and ended up there for over an hour. She was so dang cute to watch! One came within 15 feet of us so she got to really get a good look and the whole time she kept saying, "Hi, cows!!!! MOOOOOOOO!". She'd stick her hand in the fence and motion for them to "come" while sweetly saying, "'Mon, Cows! A'mon!!" When we finally left she screamed, "Bye Cows!! Have good day!". So. Dang. Cute! I love my girl.

Good Scentsy PR made me happy this week. As do random orders on our website. I love, love, love this product and its so rewarding to make people happy with it and see our little business grow!

Getting GARTH BROOKS tickets this morning made me happy!!! He's doing 10 shows in Nashville for flood victims and we got tickets!!! Great seats too! I'm soooo excited!

My Auburn tigers STILL being undefeated and Bama losing ANOTHER game makes me so happy I cant even tell you!

And 2 simple things that made my week better... I made a batch of my famous cream cheese pumpkin bread this week and every morning had a few slices (hello hips!) with frothy hot chocolate and pumpkin spice coffee mate. I swear... heaven!

Are you grateful for the good things in your life? Link up to Mamarazzi's happy list on Saturdays! It's a fun way to share gratitude!


  1. Your happy list makes me happy. :) I've got to say, even if I'm a orange-blooded Tennessee fan, I'm pulling for your Tigers. Anyone but Bamma/Florida, ha! It helps that we don't play y'all this year...

    Glad you had a great weekend!

  2. Love your list. I'm also doing a Happy list this week. I have cousins in Auburn, AL. I went to a craft fair yesterday & there was a Scentsy rep there. I bought a car candle & he gave me a few free discontinued samples. I'm following your blog now.

  3. my husband would love to go see Garth Brooks, i would love to get him tickets!! so i am jealous!

    that pumpkin bread sounds YUM!!!

    i am with you on the cold weather! love it!!!!

    thanks for linking up, you are rad!

  4. And do you say have this recipe handy for sharing?? Hmmm? :) Thanks for the blog visit and comment! :)