Ahh, how I need this.

~We went to Alabama this weekend for a funeral (more on that in a later post). It's really a pain in the butt fun to be down there. We stay at my Dad and step-mom's house. no central air..in bama...in the summer... with 1000% humidity. yeah, fun.
~ And here's another reason I prefer my Mom's house over my Dad's... They think that their way is THE way. If I discilpline Abby for anything and they think I'm being "mean", he corrects me, in front of her. Completely undermining my authority. Case in point... Abby hits her cousin and takes her toy, I go over to take it away and tell her to share, my Dad pushes me away and tells me she didn't mean it.
~Um, She's two. She so meant it.
~I am admittedly picky about what I feed Abby. I'm not nearly as bad as some though, I promise! Being in Bama, I feel like I constantly have to explain my choices. I don't put soda in her sippy cups - EVER, she eats veggies, whole wheat bread, low sugar juice and home made chicken fingers. Heck, she even drinks white milk sometimes! Call me crazy. She also eats her fair shair of MnM's, chips and twizzlers. I'm not a nazi.
~Thing is, My neices and nephews drink pretty much nothing but soda "oh but its mostly diet!" Yeah, that's even better. McDonald's chicken nuggets, fries, pancakes, and microwave mac n cheese. Seriously, if they eat veggies, it's off an adult's plate. I don't see them offered. Fied corn nuggets do not count as veggies. It's just constant junk. So I have to constantly be aware of what she gets there. And I'm asked thing's like, "what do you want Abby to drink?" I a snotty, here we go again, voice while the other 2 get diet coke and I try to think of a way to politely respond.
~Abby spent a few days there last month. All the food I sent with her came back with her. She was also constipated for a week.
~And they are constantly on antibiotics. I mean constantly. It makes me want to scream.
~BUT its wrong for me to paint Abby's toes. Yeah, that makes sense. *rolls eyes*
~I love my family, don't get me wrong. It's amazing though, how different we are.
~It made me ever so grateful to come home to my central air conditioning Awesome husband who cleaned, hung pictures Ive been nagging asking him to hang, cleaned the fridge... ladies, he even washed the sheets. I'm so lucky.
~That's why it's killing me that I sort of complained about some things he did wrong, differently than I would have done them. Why do I do that?! Why, in that moment, can't I appreciate that he doesnt just sit around playing video games like some guys? I need to be kicked in the butt.
~I need to be less critical and start letting things roll off my back. I really, really want to work on that.


  1. I totally hear ya on the food thing!!!

    When we first got N'iel his birthmom let me know that all he'll eat is french fries, chicken nuggets, and no veggies--unless they're fried. And then she says, "And an Ensure drink once a day to make sure he's getting all the nutrients he needs." WHAT?!?!?! Once his birthparents left, I was like, you'll eat good healthy food or you won't eat at all! He pretty much starved for a week and then finally gave it up and ate what we gave him and now he'll eat anything we put in front of him! He gained like 5 lbs in the first couple months with us just from eating healthy stuff instead of processed crap and his health got SOOOOO much better!

    You're doing a great job with Abby, don't worry what they think!

  2. How did you not totally lose your faculties on this trip? I know I would have. You are doing a great job with your baby girl.

    Yes, I totally understand how our way is the right way of doing things. It's a very hard thing to overcome. I love when my husband does stuff for me, but cringe at the way he does it. Silly isn't it.

    Thanks for visiting my blog!

  3. My kids eat ALL that garbage from McDonald's. They will eat fruit too, but no veggies. It is so sad, I feel I have trained them so wrong and I don't know how to change them.

  4. You are so cute. And i hate it when family corrects/disapproves of parenting methods! Hello, you are the mama, and you know what is best. And my kids never get soda in their sippies either, but of course mama always has a diet coke in her hand. Sigh. Bad example, bad, bad!

    Thanks for playing!