Earth Hour

Mikal and I both feel very strongly about conservation and related enviromental issues. So, when we heard that Nashville was one of 6 US cities chosen to participate in Earth Hour we were very excited!

We were stoked to watch downtown go dark for an hour... how cool is that?! Anyway, about an hour prior to heading down, it got really dark and stormy. I turned on the weather and we were under a tornado WARNING! It was a little frightening for a while, but after this line of storms passed there was nothing behind it. So, we headed downtown with some friends of ours and took part in the fun.

Jo Dee Messina did a free concert outside the Sommet center to kick things off, and it was fabulous! I've been lucky to see quite a few country music stars, but had not seen her yet. She was Awesome!

It was Abby's first concert out of the womb. I admit, she bawled at first. I was worried we were too close, But I took her from Mikal and started dancing with her and singing along and she started to enjoy it. She actually fell asleep on my shoulder halfway through it! We had a really good time. =)

After the concert they turned the lights off. It was so neat to see Broadway in the dark! All the bars were dark... Nothing but traffic lights. It was a little weired as we walked back to the car to look back and see huge crowds of people in the dark and police blocking off the street. It looked like some disaster had occured!

Afterwards we all headed to one of mine and Mikal's favorite places, Jason's Deli. The twins got to watch Abby devour some lemon wedges and a pickle spear (gag me). They got some great pics while Mikal and I ate. Can't wait to see em!

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