My baby can NOT be six months old already!! That's what I thought ALL DAY. She is though. My Darling girl is already 6 months old and it kills me. I just want to stop time. I love her so much. I enjoy every second... even when I think I could pull my hair out!

We feel so blessed to have this sweet angel in our lives. I am so honored to be her parent. She is so sweet and loving. I can see that she is going to be very gentle and caring. I look foward to everything I get to show her, teach her, enjoy with her. I hope that we can continue to treasure every moment.

Tonight we gave her a cupcake to devour for her "half birthday". It was great! I didnt know if she'd know what to do with it, but she got right to work! It was hilarious. Here are a few shots...
GRRR I hate the way blogger does posts. Anyway... since I can't fix it... the pics are in reverse order. :/

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  1. I'm so glad I'm here and get to watch her grow and learn. She is amazing!