Catch up

Time is moving way too fast. I love watching Abby grow and develop, but it breaks my heart that it has to go by so quickly! She will be 5 months old next week! I can Not believe it! Things she is doing:

♥ Sleeps through the night

♥ jabbers back at you when you talk to her

♥ rolls over when she feels like it ;)

♥ grins n giggles when you play with her

♥ has complete control of her head and neck

♥ LOVES Sam and tries to "pet" him (pulls his hair) whenever he is near. He's very sweet and gives her kisses.

♥ Gets excited everytime she sees her Baby Einstein butterfly or her Daddy!

♥ Loves Squash. Most foods are going over well with her.

♥ Loves to sit up and is well on her way to doing it by herself

♥ holds toys with both hands. Usually stuffs them (toys and hands) in her mouth

♥ LOVES baths! Especially when we spray her off with the hand held shower... she grabs it with both hands and attempts to eat it.

♥ Is seriously THE best baby. She is so low maintenance!

My, how we love her! At least once a day, Mikal or I one will ask the other "if it feels real yet" or "can you believe she's ours?!". I love hearing her laugh, talk, and sigh. I adore leaning over the bassinet in the morning when she wakes up all happy, She lights up when she sees me and puts her sweet lil hands on either side of my face... melts my heart! I love the way complete strangers fall all over her. One couple even snapped a picture of her at cracker barrel the other day!

I love seeing Mikal with her. He absolutely adores her (and she, him. She lights up every time she sees him). I feel sorry for women whose husbands aren't as hands on as he is... And the children too. He gets so excited to see her at the end of the day. We fight over who "gets" to do things for her, not who "has" to. She and I are so blessed!

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