Abby was blessed Sunday, Febuary 1st. Both my sets of parents came to Nashville for the special day. I'm so humbled by how this little person has brought my family together. Because of her, my sister lives close by now, I once again have a relationship with my dad (better than ever!), my mom has driven out like 4 times now. Most importantly though, is that she's brought us back to church. Since we've decided that my being home with her is important, I'm home on Sundays to go to church. We are so much happier now... it is sooooo worth the sacrifice.

So, because of Abigail, my non-member father and both step parents were in church that day! As well as some close friends of ours. It was so special to us. Her blessing was Awesome. I know that she's going to do incredible things. I'm so honored to be her parent. I look forward to teaching her of the gospel and seeing her grow. I know that she is going to accomplish great things. And can I just say... she looked beautiful! My Mom bought her a gorgeous blessing gown and bonnet that was just perfect for her.

I'm so thankful to be a member of the church. I'm thankful to know that if we live righteously, we will be together for eternity. I love Mikal and Abby too much to only have this lifetime together. I hope that I can get better at sharing this with people.

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  1. I am so excited for you guys. We really wished we could have been there for mikes side of the fam. Someday when all of the medical is paid or we hit the lottery we will come and see you guys. You have a beautiful family!