Pinktastic Swaptastic


Tuesday morning I got a call from our Apartment leasing office saying that they had a pkg for me. After a few under my breath choice words for my postal carrier who can never bring his butt to my door I got excited because I wasn't expecting anything but my Pink swap package! It couldn't have come on a better day! Abby and I were homebound and bored. lol

My partner this go-around was the amazingSara. :) Seriously... 4 kids at home, her husband is gone for 8 weeks for work and she still has time to blog and put together a swap pkg! My new role model, I tell ya. Did I mention...She is pregnant also! Super woman! Thinking about all she's doing makes me tired! ;)

Let me apologize in advance for the photos. My camera has decided to die. I've been wanting a new one, but this isn't how I wanted to get one. This is what it looks like on any setting...
You can't really tell, but she wrapped everything in the cheeriest pink! We (Abby and I) loved it! It was so cute, and made me cringe because the packages I sent looked like my 2 year old wrapped them! Sorry, Sara! wrapping with your pinky in a splint is... interesting! haha.

So, all remaining photos are from my phone. I'm sorry!

I actually videoed Abby opening everything and its really cute to see her excitement over MY gifts, but it was a lil longer than I thought, so we'll skip that. :)

I received:
Funfetti cake mix, cupcake wrappers, a pink oven mitt with attached heart shaped cookie cutter and pink glitter icing gel to make some pinktastic treats.
Pink nail polish, pink loofahs, a pink heart shaped foot scrubber, yummy smelling pink candle and a pair of pink socks to pamper myself.
A super cute multi-colored striped throw that isn't pictured because Abby claimed it right away.
And the best part for the choc-o-holic that I am? A pink heart of Pot of Gold chocolates and a tinkerbell heart of chocolates for Abby.

Thank you, Sara!! It really brightened my day!

And, Thank you, Mamarazzi, for putting this awesome swap together!!


  1. I don't know about role model, but I'll take it! LOL!

    Glad you like everything. My daughter was really sad I didn't get her a Tinkerbell chocolate box. I had so much fun shopping for you! Even my boys did too!

    Enjoy your goodies!!

  2. Love this stuff. So much fun :)

  3. yeah for a fun package...and a kick but partner!

    Have a great weekend!

  4. Great package. This is so much fun seeing what everyone got.

  5. Cute baking stuff and I love those socks!!

  6. What a great package! Such awesome stuff!

  7. Mmmm....I want you to bake me that cake or cupcakes...your choice! You like to share, right? ;)

  8. I have to find some of that Valentine's funfetti mix. It looks so good.

  9. Cool package!! I want some candy...chocolate...mmmm. :)
    Hey, love your new springy background too!

  10. cute stuff! and i have that same bedding, lol!! you have GREAT taste:)

  11. Love the socks!! The cupcakes are perfect for this swap (complete with pink cupcake liners).

  12. FUNFETTII.... MMMMMMMM! I haven't ever seen the Valentine's version, I'm going to check out Wal Mart tonight! lol

  13. Yay for awesome partners and awesome packages! Looks like you got some great stuff!