FRIDAY Confessions

That's right, baby, I'm on time this week! Shocked? Yeah, me too. Miracles DO happen!

I confess... I don't think I got sick once today! Isn't that Amazing? Trust me, it is. It's a gift from the pregnancy Gods and it's worth any price I need to pay.

I confess... I was craving strawberries. So I paid an un-holy price for a pkg of beauties out of season. I seriously just ate like, 12. After all the other junk I ate tonight since I wasn't sick. Man, I'm stuffed, it feels awesome. I hope like hell it doesnt haunt me in a few hours.

I confess... There is a song on Nick Jr, you know, the channel for Preschoolers? That I DO NOT get! It drives me crazy. It's called 5 days old. Have you heard it? It's happy and catchy. Abby loves it. I just need it to make sense to me. Am I stupid? Why DAYS? "I'm jumping up, I'm one day old. I'm jumping up, I'm two days old." Etc... Shouldn't it be YEARS? ugh.

I confess... This snow on the ground is driving me CRAZY. Me. The girl who cries sometimes because I miss Utah winters so much. I grew up in the south. It NEVER snowed as much as it has here in the last 5-6 years. Seriously, it's January and Nashville Metro schools are already 3 snow days in the hole. I went out today to look at houses we are interested in and I saw why: holy crap! The ice on some side roads is crazy! Come on, Spring!! I've had fresh cut grass in all my Scentsy warmers for a week now. It's amazing. It may be why I get so angry when I walk outside to ice and slush.

I confess... That if I get myself up early Saturday to get tickets to see Brad and Darius and Ticketmaster gives me issues I'm going to kill someone. I HATE Ticketmaster. They are greedy, annoying and well, their service sucks. Fingers crossed...

Link up and Confess! It really feels better!


  1. yay for not being sick!

    mmmmm strawberries sound so good!

    i agree bring on Spring!!

  2. I'm with you...the snow can pack up and go back North. Have a good weekend, and good luck with your tickets.

  3. Strawberries and cream--yum. I'm fine with snow and some ice--I just hate the sub-zero temps that have come with it. My car hates those temps too.

  4. oh my yummmmy strawberrries and creammm!!

  5. I am with you on Spring! Glad you had a great non-sick day. Maybe if all tell "Jack Frost" and "Old Man Winter" to take a hike they might get a clue!

  6. I remember the first time food didn't make me throw up when I was pregnant with my first. It was ham. I ate it and it stayed down. I ate like a pound and a half. First food that stayed down in 4 months, I was starving! I hep you have many more non-sick day ahead. :D

  7. The Laurie Berkner band is IRRITTING. I don't get that dang song either.
    So are you still feeling okay????

  8. I would TOTALLY pay an expensive price for some yummy strawberries..and maybe some fruit dip? Salivating now. Grrreat.

  9. I love it when you realize you haven't been sick all day for a few days! It's the best feeling ever! Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy!

  10. There is a 'fresh cut grass' scentsy???! I'm intrigued! I bet that smells amazing!
    Yay for not being sick! I can totally empathize with the all day sickness. I'm so glad I don't have to be pregnant anymore!
    I'm so jealous you get to go see Brad!
    We saw he and Darius a year or so ago, and I desperately want to go again.
    Hope Ticketmaster doesn't screw it up!