Why did I do that?

Do you ever just want to kick yourself? Like hard? You know how you look at a hot, bubbly, cheesy pizza and you try to resist-but it just looks so good? So, you give in... Then you see it all cold and flat with little grease pools and you want to scrape your insides out in disgust? How could I put THAT into my body? *shiver*

I have indulged WAY too much in the past few months. My fave jeans don't button. My belly looks second trimester... it gives my post baby boobs a resting spot. I want to beat myself. How could I let this happen? I mean, "Helloooo! You KNEW the holidays were coming!". Holiday pictures last forever, out of town family have facbook and I don't want people asking if I'm pregnant. Ugh!

So, I sat myself down today and promised to cut carbonated beverages, cleanse the bloat with water, get a little more excersize and save the goodies for parties and get togethers. Problem is, I never got up. I even had pizza for lunch. Hubby came home and made it for me. I couldn't hurt his feelings.

Oh well. Lets just hope I'm not the only one who does this! right? ;)

I entered a giveaway today! I don't do these often, but I LOVED this one cuz it's about one of my most favorite movies Ever! While you were Sleeping! Love it! Funnily enough, I'm STILL watching it on my old VHS. I don't know why. It's the last thing I need to transfer to DVD and everytime we watch it, My hubby complains cuz the quality is less than desirable. haha! So Anyways, you should head over to Sami's Awesome blog and join the fun! It's totally put me in a better mood. I'm listening to my fave Christmas Album and put Snowberry in my warmers...now I'm gonna curl up and watch Lucy and Jack fall in love.

Wait, I was sposed to excersize....

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  1. No, you are NOT alone! I keep telling myself, "Christina, the holidays are coming, you are going to eat a lot, stop eating bad, at least until the holidays!!!!" but I haven't managed to listen to myself, UGH!!!

    Good luck! :)

    I love that movie too! :)