My first Confessional

I'm jumping on the confessional bandwagon! Yes, I know I'm 3 days late. Shut-up! I finally got this button to work and I'm proud of that!

I confess that I'm not a good blogger
I want to be
I'm a great blog stalker
I'm just incredibly lazy
and intimidated by other people's clever-ness
Oh, and I'm kind of HTML handicapped
see my header?
took me hours
anyone wanna make me a cool one?
I could pay you
in food
or Scentsy
No? How bout a 21 month old who says "no" ALL DAY?
yeah, I didn't think so
seriously, the first thousand times are cute
especially her super soft, sweet voice
but everything is no? even chocolate?!?!
She can not be mine!
I don't believe I have EVER said no to chocolate.
and it's evident in my hips
perhaps my goal for the week should to say no to chocolate?

1 comment:

  1. I love it. I'm not a good blogger either...too inconsistent, and completely computer-disabled :)