9 Months

Again, I'm late. I can't believe the way time flies! Last year at this time I was swollen, itchy and uncomfortable; praying for my due date to come faster! How did we get to 9 months already? Almost 10 now, actually!

Abby is still, a dream, except her sleeping habts. We can take her pretty much anywhere and she's sweet, calm and good.

Things she is doing:

~ Stands un-assisted for up to 20 seconds. Once she realizes what she's doing, she promptly plops her butt back down!

~ Drinks well from a sippy cup but still gets bottles to go to sleep (I know we need to stop this, but I haven't felt the need yet.)

~ Waves and claps constantly

~ Waves when we tell her no. Which is incredibly adorable and sooo hard to resist!

~ LOVES to read books!

~ Is stll not a very good eater, but adores spaghetti, peas and sweet potatoes.

~ Babbles constantly and says Dada & yay a lot. Has also said Momma, Banana, uhoh, and "ank ou"!

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  1. And Jackie. Don't forget she has said Jackie. I can't wait for ya'll to get back. I miss you sooo much!