Mother's Day

My mom made a surprise visit (for her as well) from Alma, AR Mother's Day weekend. It was a great surprise! I wish she were closer to us... especially now that Abby is here. I'll take what I can get though! =)

She arrived Friday morning after driving all night. After not nearly enough rest, we went to lunch with Jackie, took Jackie to work and used her car to do a little shopping. =) Can I just say, I'm sooo grateful for Abby's Granny and Pop! They've made sure that we've had EVERYthing we've needed since she came along. This trip was no different. We went to Kohl's and pretty much outfitted the lil princess in a whole summer wardrobe... complete with Pj's! Thank you!

Abby with her loot...

Saturday we went down to Alabama to visit my Grampa. It was a nice visit. We got some four generation shots, but I cant find them at the moment. It warms my heart to see Abby with her Great-Grandfather. He loves her so. I wish like everything my Grandmother was still here... we only think she's spoiled now!

Sunday, Mikal gave me tulips (my fave!) and a pair of sapphirie (Abby's birthstone) and diamond earrings. It was a great morning. I'm so happy to be a mom and finally have my own little family.

Later, Jackie, Mother and I went through boxes of old pictures while Abby got nosy...

Going through Granny's purse...

Don't even think about it!

Sunday night Mikal and I took Mother home to Arkansas. Ahhh, it's a loooonggg 8 hours! So worth it to have her here for a few days! We left to come back home Monday night. After Granny gave Abby a bath in her wash tub. She really loved it, although by the time I found my camera, she was crying to get out =(

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  1. How have I not seen those pics? Soo stinkin' cute!