CMA Music Festival (fan fair)

We've lived here for 8 years and have always wanted to do fan fair. We've always either been broke or something came up. So, this year I found an AMAZING deal on 2 passes and got them for Mikal as an early Father's day gift. Let me tell you, we had sooo much fun!

Music means alot to both of us. A song can take you places, lift you up, inspire you to be or do more, or just really help ya have a good time. I have some family who just don't understand that. I just feel like music can be very spiritual. I hope Abby has that same view as she grows up.

Anyway, if you're a fan of country music... this is the ultimate. 4 days of nothing but concerts. It was AMAZING! Other than some rain on our first day, the weather was pretty great. Nashville in June can be pure torture, but the humidity held off for us.

Abby and I hiding in an alcove on Broadway, waiting for the storm to pass...

The line to get back into the Riverfront (concert area) after the storm passed.

Music started, Sun came out, Abby fell asleep!

My Hot husband

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