And so it goes

You know, I try to keep this upbeat but sometimes things just het tough. Nobody reads this anyway, so I'm just gonna vent.

Mikal's back to doing his business only. It picked up for a bit but now it seems to be slowing down again. I can't help but be jealous of other people I know who have financial security. It just seems that we have struggled non stop for 8 years. How much better would our family dynamic be if that stress wasn't so constant? I love our parents, but I wish that education had been encouraged more... for the both of us. We are at such a disadvantage. Even though we are trying to get Mikal through school now, it would have been soooooo beneficial 10 years ago! I take comfort in knowing that we can change this with Abby.

I wish also, that we weren't in this small apartment! Oh, how I want a house! I'm not very outgoing and it would be so nice to have space to have people over and maybe make some friends. I pray that we can make this dream a reality soon. I want Abby to have a yard and be able to write on the walls and it be OURS! LOL

Anyway... I'll stop whining. I think I actually almost miss working. Not that I don't want to be home with Abby, I wouldn't trade that for a second. I just miss contributing. We are joining the Y this week and I really think that will help me a lot. If I can get out a lil bit AND get some excercise to get in better shape, I'll feel MUCH better. Just, if anyone does read this, keep us in your prayers?

Here are some recent shots of my angel...

Mikal found her sleeping like this... she was cross legged under there and snoring like crazy. How is that comfy??


  1. You have a new reader! Jen, you have no idea how much I understand about not being sure about income! Will's an entrepreneur and we've been doing great at times and struggled many more. It's tough, but something I've come to accept in our marriage. We're learning through time how to not let it manage our relationship (most of the time). What is Mikal's business? We'll certainly keep you in our prayers!

  2. I totally understand. Even though Craig has had a pretty steady job it had been sucking the last 8 months and every bit of our savings went toward medical bills and some. Know its a struggle to stay afloat because every bit of our money goes toward bills and medical. It just sucks but I know that one day Makynna will be better and someday we will be on top even if its when I'm fifty! I hope that everything works out for you guys!

  3. I pray for ya'll every morning and night. I know that ya'll struggle but you are an awesome team when you work together! I know what you are saying about working...I actually missed it some when I stayed home with the kids but when I worked I wanted to stay home. I don't think we are ever truly satisfied. The things that have happened in the past are why you are where you are but Jen, I see ya'll coming out on top. I really do and I hope that the light at the end of the tunnel starts to get brighter for you to see it too.

  4. Thank you both. I'm happier now. I was just having a rough week. I appreciate the support. =)

    Alison, Mikal paints reflective address numbers on curbs. His are pretty fabulous and even include an american flag. People love it, it's getting them to try it thats hard. Right now he's putting flyers on doors. He's trying to get a website started as well as putting together a presentation for HOA's so that he can get entire neighborhoods.