It's called what?

My Dad informed me Friday night that he and my Stepmom were coming up from Bama yesterday for a visit. I'm always excited to have company, however, I've not had a good nights sleep in the past two weeks thanks to Abigails front teeth. So, when he announced this short notice trip, I'll admit I was a little less than enthused.

We had such a good visit though. =) They didn't get here until 4:30 thanks to "the scenic route". Men, right? lol They oogled over the baby for a while and then we decided to load up and go walk around Opry Mills.

This is where frustration sets in. On both sides, I'm sure. I pick up Abby's carseat and hand my Dad the base to go put in the car. I'm met with a roll of the eyes and a, "do we have to use this?". (grrrrr) YES! I kinda love her and want her to be safe... call me crazy. I had to hear about how my step sister doesn't make them use one (nor does she, for that matter) and how you can just strap it (the seat) in by itself. Anyway, I didnt relent, so he grudgingly takes it outside to put in the truck. Abby and Nana follow while I let the dog out of our room and turn things off, etc. I get out to his truck and Abby is in the front seat. There wasn't even room for my hand between the dash and her seat. UMMM, no. So, they got a lil annoyed with me again when i insisted she get in the back. Oh, the head aches this has caused in the past 5 months!

We did get there, finally. Abby LOVES the mall! She is such a girly girl. She loves looking around and seeing all the lights and colors. The constant stream of compliments doesnt hurt either ;) , I'm sure. So, we walked around and my Dad and lil brother, Jaden, played a round of glow golf. Abby wanted to grab anything that glowed. It was cute. Afterward we decided to go meet up with Mikal and have dinner.

They most always want to go to Cracker Barrel. We all love it. Great choice. Well, this time they wanted to try this other resaurant they saw by the hotel. What's it called? Oh, they don't know, they just saw the big catfish on the sign. So, we go finding it.... It's called... (drumroll, please).... Cock of the Walk. I kid you not. Mikal and I were like, "did we just get sucked into a Friends episode?!" It was an interestin place, I've got to say. Very country decor, with waiters dressed like Zorro and the worlds smallest menu. Still don't get the name, but it was pretty good! Odd, but tasty!

We went back to the hotel afterward and all played with Munchkin. I was hoping they wore her out enough that she'd sleep through the night, but as you can see... It wasnt meant to be. :/

Going to breakfast in the morning. We'll see where that leads us!

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  1. I tried to help with the sleep thing. At least it gave you some peace. All 5 minutes of it.